Smoofl - Do it yourself vegan ice treats for dogs


Heres one for all you hot dogs out there!

We were gifted a gorgeous selection of ice treat mixes and moulds from Smoofl, a Belgian doggy brand who are answering all pooch prayers on those stuffy summer days!

Although there are plenty of frozen doggy options out there, we absolutely loved how interactive this hot weather wonder is. Smoofl ice treats are perfect for those baking hot summer days, as they freeze in no time at all, they are so easy to make and both Puggy and Pops really enjoyed them.

Making the treats was simple and relatively mess-free. We were given two flavours, apricot and pineapple, along with the large and small moulds. The instructions are so easy to follow that it would be a lovely activity if you have human children, as well as fur babies! Simply mix the powder with water, pour into moulds and insert the wooden sticks provided. The consistency is thick and jelly like and only took a few hours to be completely frozen. They pop out of the moulds with ease and the dogs both seemed to love them, especially Puggy who sat by the freezer begging for more!

These vegan snackies are gorgeous and the moulds and sticks are washable and reusable. The product itself is made with real fruit chunks, low in calories, gluten AND grain free. It really doesn’t get better than this, so if you’re struggling to cool your doggy down in the heat, or if you just want something fun to try, we thoroughly recommend Smoofl!

Top tip - these are limited edition - so get your paws on them ASAP!

We also recommend throwing in a few of your own doggy treats into the mix before freezing to add another fun element for your doggies to enjoy!

Snackies out of 10? A straight up ice-cold lip-smacking 10. Would cool down again.


Instagram: @smoofl_